Real Time GPS Tracking

Asset’s position, speed, direction and route can be monitored in ‘real-time’ and displayed on a user-friendly map user interface. The user interface also display all other related data like address and geofence name, and sensor status like engine status, digital input status and temperature.

History Playback

Through a sophisticated web-based user interface, user could load and replay vehicle track on the past. This enables user to see and analyze the position and route taken by the vehicle.

Traffic Information

Traffic information display traffic status on the street map. With this information users would be able to know whether the traffic in a location is slow, fast or there be a traffic jam. This could help user to plan route for their fleet or to find better alternative route of current routes.

Fleet Management

Each asset or vehicle could be grouped into fleets based on its location, function, project or other criteria. Administrator can assign each user to monitor some specified fleets so he/she could not be able to see other fleets which are not assigned to him/her.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Using fuel level sensor or simply employing existing fuel gauge in vehicle, tracking device could detect fuel level in the vehicle’s fuel tank. This data sent to InovaTrack server along with GPS data and other data.

Based on those fuel level data, InovaTrack could estimate fuel consumption of the vehicle. More than that, InovaTrack could also detect and report any refueling and fuel draining event, including it’s estimated volume.

Job Order Management

InovaTrack help user to manage and track every job ordered to vehicle easily. It also provides information of the progress on how far has the vehicle travelled to reach its destination, percentage by its distance. InovaTrack also calculate and display the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Maintenance Scheduling

InovaTrack help user to track maintenance record and automatically calculate next maintenance time based on mileage, engine hour or time.

Trip Analyzer

InovaTrack analyze vehicle’s trip automatically based on engine start and stop location. The Trip Report include start-top location, distance, travel time and average speed of each trip.

For mixer truck, InovaTrack can also analyze it’s trip based on loading and unloading location. Loading and unloading events are detected using drum rotation sensor.

Vehicle Security

Real-time monitoring make our customer know where is their vehicle, where it goes and what it do, anytime. This certainly make the vehicle much more secure, especially from thefts threat.

To make vehicle more secure, we can install an optional driver key socket in the vehicle. This make sure only authorized drivers can turn on the vehicle using a driver key. Based on the driver key, InovaTrack also record who drives every vehicle.

As other option is to install an ignition cut off module which can be activated remotely using our system. This can be very useful when a vehicle is stolen and we want to make sure the vehicle cannot be turned on when it stop.

Panic button can also be installed to enable driver alert central office when he/she get a trouble.

Driver Safety

InovaTrack automatically record and analyze every driver performance and behaviors based on vehicle speed, harsh acceleration and harsh breaking event. This information could be helpful to monitor and to educate every drivers to make they drive more safely.

An optional buzzer which can make sound loudly when a vehicle exceeding a maximum speed will make driver very uncomfortable when he/she overspeeding. The buzzer will go off only when he/she slowing his/her vehicle. This make sure the driver drive his/her vehicle in allowed speed.

InovaTrack can automatically send alert to supervisor via SMS or email when a vehicle is overspeeding.

Mixer Truck Monitoring

Drum rotation sensor is an optional module which could be installed in a mixer truck to detect rotation speed and direction of concrete mixer drum in the truck. Therefore, this module can analyze the state of the drum which are loading, unloading, idling or stop.

By evaluating the state of the drum and geofence events, InovaTrack provide Mixer Load Trip Report which consists of time and places of each trip and loading-unloading location and time.

Engine Hour Monitoring

Engine working hour of assets such as tractor, excavator, loader and heavy trucks are automatically recorded. This data are presented as Engine Hour Report and analyzed for maintenance scheduling especially which based on engine hour.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature in refrigerator trucks can be monitored remotely by installing temperature sensor which connected to our tracking device. The temperature data sent to InovaTrack server regularly along with position data.