Efficiency and Productivity

By using InovaTrack, our customers are able to:

  • Reduce fuel cost
  • Better manage routes and delivery schedules, and improve vehicle utilization
  • Track vehicles and drivers in real-time, and assign jobs accordingly
  • Identify, monitor and manage poor driver behavior
  • Reduce route violations
  • Efficiently manage servicing, resulting in reduced wear and tear and increased vehicle up-time
  • Lessen carbon emissions, helping to create a healthier, more sustainable environment


Research indicates that human error is to blame in approximately 80% of vehicle collisions. As a result, fleet owners are under mounting pressure to not only identify risky driver behavior, but to take corrective action and improve safety levels.

Our end-to-end safety solutions have become an invaluable tool for small and large fleets, enabling them to:

  • Identify and correct poor driving.
  • Monitor drivers in relation to past performance.
  • Implement targeted driver training.
  • Develop customized driver safety policies.
  • Keep their vehicles serviced and safe on the road


InovaTrack offers a range of products and services that enable customers to comply with external and internal regulations. Some of them are related to:

  • Maximum speed allowed
  • Maximum driver working hours per day
  • Allowed routes
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule


Real-time and historical tracking, vehicle recovery services and trailer tracking are our key security offerings that are all designed to enhance personal safety and security, as well as security for commercial fleets.

These services enable:

  • Reduced asset theft and abuse.
  • Vehicle and trip monitoring.
  • Identification and protection of drivers.
  • Vehicle access control.
  • Driver behavior monitoring and improvement.
  • Eyes on screen for monitoring high-value cargo.