InovaTrack GPS Tracking System

Inovatrack is a leading brand for GPS Tracking System in Indonesia. Deploying recent Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, GSM/GPRS and other Satellite Communication, the system allows you to monitor your vehicle location in real-time and automatically. You will be able to view the location, direction, speed, and the route history taken by your vehicle simply through a displayed map and many organized report.

Real-Time Monitoring
User could see his vehicle position and route in real-time either using a web browser or Short Message Service (SMS).
Web Based Application;
With Web Based reliable Application, InovaTrack Allows user to access the Tracking System anytime-anywhere as long as they can connect to the internet.
History Playback
Through a sophisticated web-based user interface, user could load and replay vehicle track on the past. This enables user to see and analyze the position and route taken by the vehicle.
Geofence is an imaginary boundary of certain location, for example office, warehouse and customer location, determine by the user. InovaTrack automatically report when and where the vehicle leaves or enters any geofence area.
Odo Meter, Hour Meter
InovaTrack automatically calculate mileage of the vehicle as well as engine hour meter.
Digital Input/Output
In addition to position, speed and direction information, InovaTrack can also report status of any sensor connected to the tracking device in vehicle. Such as door open-close sensor, temperature sensor, etc.
Fuel Management
InovaTrack can calculate fuel consumption automatically based on refuel information entered by user and the mileage which calculated automatically by InovaTrack.
Maintenance Schedule
InovaTrack help user to track maintenance record and automatically calculate next maintenance time based on the vehicle mileage, time period, or engine hour parameters.
Order Management
InovaTrack help user to manage and track every job ordered to vehicle easily. It also provides information of the progress on how far has the vehicle travelled to reach its destination, percentage by its distance. InovaTrack also calculate and display the estimated time of arrival (ETA).
InovaTrack provide so many kind of report, such as:
  • Detail Activity Report
  • Trip Report
  • Event Report
  • Geofence Report
  • Idle Report
  • Speeding Report
  • Driver log Report
  • Driver Trip Report
  • Fuel Consumption Summary Report
  • Engine Hour Report
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Vehicle Operational Report
  • Etc
SMS Alert
InovaTrack Server can send alert through SMS to user regarding to important event from the vehicle that user required to get inform immediately.
Sensors (Door Sensor, Rotation Sensor, Temperature Sensor, etc)
Driver Identification Key
Emergency Button
Voice Kit
Status Button
Wireless Status Button
Backup Battery

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What are the Benefits? Services

InovaTrack provides GPS fleet management that give you more benefits than just a GPS vehicle tracking system.

  • Reduce fuel cost
  • Improve productivity
  • Raises fleet efficiency
  • Reduce car and truck operating cost

we always provide the best services for our product, And we will always continue to develop our services.

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