What Is InovaTrack?

InovaTrack is our leading brand for GPS Tracking System or Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Deploying recent Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, hardware and software engineering, the system allows you to monitor your vehicles or other assets location in real-time. You will be able to view the location, direction, speed and route taken by your asset simply through a displayed map on computer screen, smartphone or tablet, anywhere and anytime.

More than that, InovaTrack allow you to monitor fleet utilisation, fuel consumption, driver behaviours and vehicle maintenance schedules.

Why Us?

  • More than 12 years experiences in GPS Tracking system
  • Trusted by 500+ companies in Indonesia
  • National coverage
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Complete Solutions

How It Works?

To monitor assets in real-time, we install a tracking device on each of the assets. This device will calculate the position, speed and direction of the asset using GPS technology. Those data then sent to InovaTrack server regularly or immediately on some event.

The tracking device can also be connected to sensors or accessories such as door sensor, panic button, temperature sensor, driver key socket and fuel level sensor. Data from sensors will be sent along with position data to InovaTrack server.

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